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Wah Senang rasanya berada di kampung halaman lagi, Gorontalo is my beloved home town. Mohon maaf setelah dua hari my arrival in Gorontalo since rabu kemarin baru hari ini bisa membalas komentar-komentar yang ada. Sebagai info, beberapa pengirim komentar telah saya kirimkan mail invited sebagai member di blog ririungan. Kepada teman-teman specially for mr. Uchenx, and others who gave the invitation by me, just make your status be active please...this blog is need maintenance and that are some writing about your idea, opinion, even just for your scratch only...So, don't be shy or reluctant...whatever you wanna talk about..is welcome. the better if it is concerning to our home town, beloved Gorontalo...

To Mr. Samad Hiola.. Syukur udah baikan..hope you will get good health soon.

Thanks for visitor from makassar, wellcome to ririungan of Gorontalo community in Bogor-WestJava. This community and/or blog is welcome to whoever person have knowing and sympathy to Gorontalo and ririungan..


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