Surfing the Internet can open the dark side of psychology

Surfing the Internet can open the dark side of psychology. According to psychologists from the University of Leeds, Internet addicts at greater risk of experiencing depression because of replacing the normal social activities.

Psychologists found that the longer people spend time visiting various sites, they are not happy.
"The Internet plays an important role in modern life, but its benefits followed by the dark side,"
said study leader Dr Catriona Morrison, was quoted as saying site.

The study published in the journal Psychopathology was revealed, the longer the participants to spend time online, their tendency to experience greater depression, too.

Researchers questioned 1319 people aged 16 to 51 to measure the level of Internet addiction and depression. "There is a close relationship between the duration of Internet use with depression levels. The dependence of people on the internet related to feeling happy and sad they were."

Internet addicts spend more time visiting pornography sites, gaming and social networking. The average age they tend to be younger, around 21.


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