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Gorontalo Embroidery is famous. Many kinds of embroidered cloths can be found in the village of Tapa and Gorontalo. Gorontalo embroidery is known as krawang.

The Potongan Hot-Water Pool

The potongan hot-water pool, located 45 kiklometers from Gorontalo, can be reached by various kinds of transportation means, including horse-carts. The pool is flanked by two hills. The views are very beautiful.

Fort Otanaha

Fort Otanaha is former defense bulwark of Gorontalo kings during their fight against the Dutch. The curious fact about this fort is that it was built, at least in part, of a mix containing sand, plaster and maleo bird eggs. Or so it is said.

Fort Orange

Fort Orange is reminder of the Portuguese presence in this area during the 15th century

Tapak Kaki Ukuran Besar - Pohe

Tapak Kaki Ukuran Besar (Big Foot Print), in the village of Pohe, lying on a fine beach on a beautiful Tomini Bay, is a big stone shaped like a foot. The site, about three kilometers from Gorontalo, attracts many visitors.

Dembe Copula

Dembe Copula is the site that contains the graves of Du Pangola and Haji Abu Bakar, who are regarded holy by the local people. The graves lie inside a little mosque.

The Graves of Hubula/King Atinggola

The graves of Hubula / King Atinggola are found in the village of Dunggala. Atinggola was the king of Palongkodu. Queen Kabatua was his wite. The outside wall of the king's grave looks like rectangular crown, while that of hiis wife is shaped like house with a roof and displays the Chinese influence.

The January 23 Monument Stand in Ipilo

The January 23 Monument Stands in Ipilo, in the center of Gorontalo town. It is a monument dedicated to the struggle of the people of Gorontalo against Dutch colonialism. The Indonesian national flag flew for the first time on January 23, 1942, in this area.

The Cave of Jin

The Cave of Jin is 85 kilometers from Gorontalo. It is esaier to reach it by boat than overland. The scenery is beautiful.


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