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Saronde is a very beautiful island with white sandy beaches. The water is suitable for swimming, sailing, snorkling and water skiing. It can be reached from the small town of Kwandang (65 kilometers from Gorontalo) or Dambalo (68 kkilometers from Gorontalo) or Molontadu (73 kilometers from Gorontalo). TO the north of this island are Payu Island, which is smaller, and Utanggole, a bigger island.

Nature Reserve

Tangale Nature Reserve

The Tangale Nature Reserve located 35 kilometers from Gorontalo. It is inhabited by various kinds rare birds. The reserve is 125 hectares large.

Palau Mas, Popaya and Nature Reserve

The Pulau Mas, Popaya and Raja Nature Reserve consist of the three islands located not far to the west of Tanjung Samin, in the distrtict of Kwandang. Living in this area are green turtles, belimbing turtles and the rare finturtles. Kwandang is 90 kilometers from Gorontalo, and can bve reached in one hour. From Kwandang to Raja island, the trip takes two and a half hours by motorboat.

Panua Nature Reserve

Panua Nature Reserve is 160 kilometers from Gorontalo, via Trans-Sulawesi Highway. Still found here are cempaka, banyan, and latula trees, and rare bird species like the maleo. This nature reserve lies in an area 45,000 hectares large and is the main breeding place for maleo birds.


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