Nice to Meet You Steve; A Reply to SMSReport Specialist

Dear Ririungan reader. Today is special because of our blog got visisted and commented by a SMSReport specialist from Switzerland. This guy named Fr. Steve is a owner of SMSReport Blog. You can view the comment given in first list of "Koementar Terakhir" Box under this post space. This post is pecial sent to his writting on his blog that want every one send him/her a sms or mail, but I done via post

Hello Steve..nice to meet you. I just wanna say thank to your idea to publish this ririungan template in blogger template "btemplate" storages.

Your idea is good for spread this nice and real magazine template for blogspot, and maybe I will do it soon. Actually, I m designing a template about template gallery that adopt magazine style just to show the power of Blogger (xml) template as a blog platform.

Yeah..Just for Your Info All and sepcial to Steve (Maybe you wish leave some comment there..he he he), you can visit my other blogger templates creation. Here is the list; (If there any need impress and want to own, just let me know via mail or comment, I give service to make how the plugin (wp theme term) is work in blogspot widget.

Ok, just visit theme and prove my service here,

I have visist your blog, steve. One so impressed me is you just have 2 post but your page rank is 3. That is amazing!. How can you make it? Unfortunately, I didn't find any of tutorial about SEO, traffic, pagerangk tips or tutorial in your blog content, except about SMSReport.

Happy Blogging, maybe I should agree with the "the script is poetry" word


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